Dutywa Mall

AfriCoast Consulting Engineers was appointed by McCormick Property Developments for the planning and design of the access road and civil infrastructure for the proposed Idutywa Mall Development. The design of the access road includes the design of the traffic circle intersection with the SANRAL N2.

The proposed Idutywa Mall is located directly south of the town of Idutywa, gaining access directly off the N2. 

Africoast Consulting Engineers was able to supply civil and construction services for the design of the Dutywa Mall  consisting of a SANRAL traffic circle, parking lot, bulk earth works, water treatment works and access roads.


  • The estimated average bulk water requirements for the  Dutywa Mall is 100 000l/day.
  • Primarily supply is on site groundwater development /borehole
  • Secondary supply is a municipal water connection, to supplement the on site supply.
  • Capture, storage and circulation of rain water using onsite storage tanks.
  • Storm water runoff collection via porous car park and underground piped collection system, with possible recirculation of collected storm water. Storm water is collected in the same wetland as treated effluent water as use for irrigation purpose.

Works relates to the civil engineering works for the mall included:

  • Bulk earthworks for the platforms, roads, parking, buildings and civil engineering infrastructure
  • Roadway link access from N2 traffic circle, northern access and on-site access road linkages to parking areas, mall accesses, offloading zones, including truck/vehicle/bus movements
  • Parking areas, and related structures
  • Road and parking pavement type layer works designs
  • Infrastructure:
  • Storm water disposal i.e on site slope drainage, drainage structures, drains to connect to the existing SANRAL N2 culverts, storm water cut off, storm water attenuation assessment
  • Sub soil drainage
  • Water supply:
  • Rain water collection system (gutters/downpipes/piping connections), storage, and redistribution pipework, treatment/chlorination
  • Grey water treatment, distribution to toilets
  • Wastewater disposal: On site reticulation, connector links to mall services/toilets, disposal to municipal mewer connection. Treatment of wastewater for re-use is still be confirmed