ELIDZ New Manufacturing FacilityKing Williams Town Housing Development

The East London IDZ assists manufacturers to become globally competitive through the development and efficient management of a modern, purpose built industrial location, which offers investing industries a streamlined business environment enhanced by a range of supporting services. The company is owned by the provincial Department of Economic Development, Environment Affairs and Tourism (DEDEAT) and the Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality (BCMM).

AfriCoast was appointed for the detailed design and construction of the HS1 Manufacturing Facility in zone 1A of the ELIDZ. The works included the design and construction of platform earthworks, concrete roads, water, wastewater and storm water infrastructure and up to 7m high retaining walls which proved to be a significant Health and Safety challenge.

The construction of the retaining wall, rectification of defects and backfilling behind the wall within a 1.5m space all posed a significant safety risks to workers in the event of slope failure and/or falling rocks. The possibility of serious injury or even death to workers could not be ruled out. Africoast extensively investigated the problem and developed a technical sound and practical construction alternative which would mitigate the risk of embankment collapse, increasing the safety of workers.

The construction of the Manufacturing Facility and associated civil and structural works was successfully completed in 2021 and came in well within the budget.