Kwazakhele Bulk Sewer

The project is a re-design of the third phase of design and re-routing of Kwazakhele Main Sewer, crossing through Port Elizabeth’s Deal Party industrial area, the route to the Fish Water Flats Wastewater Treatment Works, has been under severe stress for a number of years and pipe collapses have occurred.

The Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality appointed Afri-Coast Engineers SA (now AfriCoast Consulting Engineers (Pty) Ltd) and Makhetha Development Consultants to design and implement a permanent solution to the Kwazakhele Main Sewer corrosion problem.  Input from specialist consultant, Alaster Goyns of Pipes cc was called upon by the consultants for specialised advice on pipeline hydraulics, pipe materials and loading and rehabilitation options.

Afri-Coast Engineers SA (Pty) Ltd was appointed by the Infrastructure and Engineering Business Unit as the lead consultant to work in association with Makhetha Development Consultants (Pty) Ltd to conduct Design Development, Documentation and Procurement, Contract  Administration  and  Inspection  and  Close-out  for  the  augmentation  and rehabilitation of Kwazakhele Sewer Main.

The project was subdivided into four phases which include:

  • Phase 1:  600mm  diameter  bypass  along  Grahamstown  Road  and  downstream  of Tenneco.
  • Phase 2:  Rehabilitation  of  existing  900mm  diameter  sewer  main  through  Tenneco property.
  • Phase 3: New sewer main downstream of the Tenneco to the Fishwater Flats WwTW
  • Phase 4: Rehabilitation of existing 900mm diameter sewer main to Fishwater Flats WwTW.

The system’s capacity will be increased to deal with the stormwater that is added during the rainy seasons, this will reduce the chances of spillage events and therefore minimize harm to the environment in the long term.