Roodeplaat Wind Farm

The Inyanda/ Roodeplaat Wind Farm is a proposed 160MW wind farm located to the north west of Port Elizabeth. Africoast Consulting Engineers was appointed to do the civil and structural design services for the Roodeplaat wind farm which consisted of about 30 km of gravel roads offering access roads to the wind turbines. Africoast Consulting Engineers was also responsible for the platform designs and the design of the basis and water systems. Africoast Consulting Engineers also did route assessments for transportation of the wind turbines. The annual electricity production at the metering point is estimated at 667GWh per annum using these turbines with the following assumptions:

  • Grid availability 98%
  • Wind Farm Availability 98%
  • Windfarm Internal Electrical Losses 2%
  • Turbulence Loss 3%

The total capital cost of the project including Contingency 3%, Development Costs 5%, Grid Connection 10%, Finance 2% and Escalation 10% is estimated at R3.8 billion.

Electricity generated by the wind farm is estimated P90 yield of 620GWh per annum.  The P90/P50 ratio is 85%. With that said, the wind farm will be able to carry and supply large amount of electricity probable solution to the current power crisis in the area.