Bayworld Demolition

The Nelson Mandela Bay Development Agency (NMBDA) is responsible for the redevelopment of the Bayworld aquarium complex. However, due to the aggressive conditions and severe state of decay, several portions of the complex were no longer safe and needed to be demolished in order to facilitate the future upgrades. Structures identified for demolition included the dilapidated dolphin pool, grandstand pavilion, predator tanks and related buildings and infrastructure.

Africoast was appointed to design temporary holding facilities for the animals and penguins  housed at the Bayworld complex.

Following the relocation of the animals to the temporary holding facilities, work would then start on the demolition of the decommissioned areas.

Africoast designed and prepared tender documentation for the provision of fresh sea and potable water and drainage structures for the temporary animal facility, electrical power supply to the animal relocation area, as well as power distribution to various other facilities. This work  entailing the construction of a new seawater intake pipeline, together with temporary pools and related facilities for the relocation of the mechanical and electrical equipment associated with the pools.