Belafatima External Façade repair

Trafalgar Property Management Pty Ltd engaged the services of AfriCoast Consulting Engineers to carry out a diagnostic survey investigation to the Belafatima Flats in Humewood, Port Elizabeth. This included a diagnostic survey to assess the corrosion risk to the various exposed elements, delamination of concrete and plaster on the structure and to select the appropriate remedial solutions.

Belafatima is situated in a relatively severe coastal environment and is exposed to corrosive chloride ions from the salt laden coastal winds. The salt laden coastal winds / sprays have been the main contributing factor for the presence of concentrated chloride salts on the concrete cover to the steel reinforcement.

Following the appointment to proceed with the investigation, Africoast Consulting Engineers conducted the diagnostic survey which included the following:

  • Assess the corrosion risk to the various reinforced concrete elements and includes cover survey, carbonation, chloride testing, crack depth testing and Schmidt hammer testing where appropriate.
  • Visual inspection to all areas on the exterior of the structure.
  • Select the appropriate remedial solutions.

Africoast Consulting Engineers carried out visual inspections and diagnostic survey work to the above-mentioned structure during February 2019.

The field diagnostic survey work comprised of the following:

  • Detailed visual inspections of the structure.
  • Photographic records of those aspects considered necessary for comment.
  • Extraction of samples and determination of the carbonation levels in the structural elements.
  • Extraction of samples and determination of the chloride concentration profile of the concrete.
  • Cover meter surveys to the embedded reinforcement to all documented positions.
  • No damage was observed that required crack depth and schmidt hammer testing.

The structure has been completed with a new and fresh look and all remedial works and protective coatings have been applied.