Coegaskop Reservoir

New 17Ml reinforced concrete reservoir

The Coega Industrial Development Zone (IDZ) is South Africa’s premier location for new industrial investments covering approximately 11 000 hectares of land. The Coega IDZ is a phased development around industry clusters with Custom Secure areas dedicated for export oriented manufacturing companies located in the zone.

In order to meet the potable water demand of the IDZ a new bulk supply reservoir was required together with associated supply and delivery pipelines. 

AfriCoast Consulting Engineers was the professional service providers for the planning, design and construction monitoring of the complete project from inception to project close out. Employed by the Coega Development Corporation (Pty) Ltd, Africoast Consulting Engineers in association with Royal Haskonig DHV, LA Consulting Engineers and Bellended and Robb succefully foresees the development of the Coega Industrial Development Zone (IDZ) requiring the municipal services such as water, sanitation, roads and stormwater infrastructure which had to be provided.


Size and Capacity of the Works

  • 17 Ml pre-stressed, post-tension reinforced concrete bulk supply reservoir;
  • 800mm diameter supply and delivery pipelines 

The Coega Industrial Development zone (IDZ) is situated approximately 20 km northeast of Port Elizabeth along the National Route 2, Section 11 in the Eastern Cape. The province and the IDZ encompass an area of more than 11 5000 hecteres in extent which is situated around the mouth of Coega River. The site for the RE reservoir and gravity mains is located to the west pf Zone 5 between the existing NPA and Lafarge quarries