Nelson Mandela University Building Maintenance Programme

Africoast Consulting Engineers was appointed by the Nelson Mandela University to conduct assessments of existing buildings across all NMU’s different campuses with a view to compiling and managing the implementation of a 5-year maintenance programme for these buildings. This project was to be completed in two phases:

Phase 1:

Visual assessment of all buildings and structures to determine current condition, remedial and repair works required.

Preparation of budget estimates for required remedial/repair works

Prioritization of remedial/repair work required based on urgency of repir, over a 5-year timeframe

Phase 2:

Prepare tender documents for approved work package

Assist Nelson Mandela University in procurement of suitable contractors to execute the works

Managing the contracts, site supervision and quality control during construction.


The following campuses formed part of the maintenance programme:

South campus

North Campus

Second Avenue Campus

Missionvale Campus

Ocean Sciences Campus

Bird Street Campus

George Campus


The existing buildings on the different campuses were found to be predominantly built using reinforced concrete, brick and structural steel meaning the materials require periodic maintenance to ensure that the buildings remain safe and usable for their design lifetime.

The proximity of the main campuses of the university to the coast means that these buildings are exposed to aggressive corrosive elements. This accelerates the deterioration of the materials and makes routine maintenance and repair critical in order to maintain the functionality of the buuildings. Age as well as maintenance deferment due to budget constraints, has resulted in buildings currently requiring maintenance and repair to maintain its functionality.