Shark Rock Pier

,,Shark Rock Pier, located between Hobie Beach and the Red Windmill, was constructed during 1988. The structure boasts a 137m long reinforced concrete pier and is at the very centre of the Port Elizabeth beachfront. It is a major landmark and drawcard for tourists and the general public.

The structure is situated in a highly corrosive/aggressive marine environment, in particular wind driven exposure to corrosive chloride ions from the sea. The aggressive environment which the structure is subjected to has raised the following concerns:

  • Long term durability of the structures being at risk.
  • Visible degradation of the structures.
  • Corrosion to the reinforcing steel that is not externally visible.
  • Public Safety and aesthetic appearance.

Africoast Consulting Engineers carried out visual inspections and diagnostic survey work to the above-mentioned structure during April and May 2014.

The field inspections and diagnostic survey work comprised:

  • Detailed inspections of the structure.
  • Photographic records of those aspects considered necessary for comment.
  • Extraction and determination of the carbonation levels in the structural elements. (where considered appropriate)
  • Sample extraction and determination of the chloride concentration profile of the concrete.
  • Cover meter surveys to the embedded reinforcement to all documented positions.

Inspection of all hand railing, lighting, and decking elements


Africoast Consulting Engineers recommended that Shark Rock Pier undergo protective and remedial work, to prevent deterioration of the structure and to extend the life of this very important City landmark and tourist attraction.


The estimated cost for carrying out the remedial solution was R 3,494,404 VAT.