AfriCoast Consulting is a leading South African engineering firm specialising in both conventional engineering solutions and pioneering new projects. It is headquartered in Port Elizabeth, but operates nationally.

AfriCoast has powerful expertise in a range of engineering disciplines but also works in complex, multi-disciplinary environments with specialist teams on mega-projects, itself boasting a strong in-house multi-disciplinary team.

It is an innovation and delivery-led organisation that prioritises solutions, excellence and quality.

AfriCoast Consulting is a perfect partner to deliver world-class engineering solutions across various project sizes, requirements and budgets.

Our Expertise

AfriCoast Consulting Engineers boasts expertise in a range of sought-after engineering fields, including:




    Structural engineering is a combination of science and art! Our team has the scientific knowledge as well as considerable technical and management competence to develop safe and efficient structures that balance function with aesthetics.

    Our services include:
    •  Planning and design •  State-of-the-art 3D finite element design and analysis
    •  Contract and project management
    •  Structural investigations and inspection
    •  Rehabilitation

    AfriCoast’s portfolio of projects includes multimillion rand commercial, educational, industrial and residential buildings, as well as low-cost and subsidized housing developments.

    We are also proud of our work completed on:
    •  Sporting and recreational facilities
    •  Bridges, major culverts and underpasses
    •  Water-retaining structures (reservoirs, pump
    stations, treatment works)
    •  Wind turbine towers

    Geographic Information Systems (GIS):
    •  GIS user needs analysis
    •  GIS application development and customisation
    •  Design and management of spatial databases
    •  GIS project management, project design and implementation
    •  Spatial data analysis
    •  Map preparations service





    AfriCoast offers considerable experience, technical competence and operational expertise in the water and sanitation sector, servicing mainly national government and local authority clients.

    Our services include:

    Water Management
    •   Water loss and leakage control
    •   Water demand management
    •   Operational assessments
    •   Water services development plans

    Water and Sanitation Infrastructure Development
    •   Water resources planning and analysis
    •   Water and sewerage treatment works
    •   Bulk and service reservoirs
    •   Water and sanitation bulk pipelines and reticulation systems
    •   Pump stations
    •   Trenchless rehabilitation of bulk sewer mains
    •   Water re-use
    •   Stormwater management

    Asset Management
    •   Reservoirs
    •   Treatment works
    •   Pump stations
    •   Pipeline rehabilitation




    With more than 15 years’ experience, we are a leader in this sector. Our significant specialist expertise covers the entire life cycle of a project, from preliminary draft design to construction monitoring. Our clients include national and local government departments, local authorities, property developers and contractors.

    AfriCoast has the knowledge and experience to manage all the stages of road and bridge projects, from feasibility studies and preliminary design to the production of detailed design and construction documents. We are a leading designer of on-line motorway widening, including the use of technology for the management of motorways and trunk roads. We have extensive knowledge of intelligent transport systems (ITS); and further offer expertise in all aspects of bridge engineering and offer leading bridge rehabilitation and replacement design services.

    •   Transportation studies
    •   Traffic engineering
    •   Design, maintenance and rehabilitation of bridges
    •   Bridge inspections and management systems
    •   Maintenance and rehabilitation of urban and rural freeways
    •   Road safety assessments and audits
    •   Multidisciplinary rail, port and non-motorise pathways engineering services




    Asset Management
    Asset owners face an ever-increasing challenge of balancing risk and expenditure over the lifetime of an asset. AfriCoast has a comprehensive portfolio of asset management case studies, backed up by our in-house concrete diagnostic laboratory, that include highway bridges, reservoirs and buildings.

    Our services include:
    •   Condition surveys (concrete, steel and brick structures)
    •   Contract documentation and management
    •   Remedial works specification (concrete, steel and brick structures)
    •   Budget estimates
    •   Underwater surveys
    •   Maintenance programmes

    Concrete Diagnostics and Laboratory

    Our in-house concrete laboratory offers the following services:
    •   Core drilling
    •   Concrete scanning (reinforcement placement)
    •   Concrete cover surveys
    •   Concrete crack width and depth surveys
    •   Concrete strength testing (Schmidt hammer)
    •   Concrete temperature monitoring
    •   Electro potential mapping
    •   Concrete durability testing
    •   Chemical testing
    •   Adhesion tensile testing
    •   Shrinkage testing
    •   Paint thickness measuring
    •   Dynamic cone penetrometer testing

    •   Concrete repair and rehabilitation
    •   Life cycle costing
    •   Electrochemical treatment design
    •   Chemical treatment
    •   Building renovation
    •   Waterproofing

Clients & Partners

AfriCoast Consulting Engineers serves local, provincial and national government, business, financiers, developers and innovators across the industrial, commercial and infrastructural sectors.

San Parks
Road & Public Works
Water & Sanitation
SA National Roads Agency
Coega Development Corporation
Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality
Mandela Bay Development Agency

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