AfriCoast Consulting Engineers is a leading South African consulting engineering firm specialising in both conventional engineering solutions and pioneering new projects. It is headquartered in Port Elizabeth, but operates across South Africa and the SADC region.

AfriCoast has powerful expertise in a range of engineering disciplines but also works in complex, multi-disciplinary environments with specialist teams on mega-projects, itself boasting a strong in-house multi-disciplinary team.

It is an innovation and delivery-led organisation that prioritises solutions, excellence and quality.

AfriCoast Consulting is a perfect partner to deliver world-class engineering solutions across various project sizes, requirements and budgets.

Providing Engineering Solutions to Complex Problems since 1996

Level 1 B-BBEE

Equity Ownership – AfriCoast is a majority black-owned Company. Equity Ownership is currently made up as follows:

31.99% Black Women Owned

29.76% Black Youth Owned

Total Black Ownership is 88.75%

Established in 1996, AfriCoast is a leading South African company specializing in both conventional engineering solutions and pioneering new projects and techniques. Headquartered in Port Elizabeth we operate both nationally and within the SADC region through local partnerships.

AfriCoast offers powerful experience across a range of engineering disciplines but also works in, and leads, multi-disciplinary teams on complex and mega projects.

Our highly skilled staff is a mix of experience combined with youth but all have a passion for what we do.

Taking care of our environment and people is important to us and we ensure sustainability of the environment and safety of people in all our projects. Our purpose is to create a better world for all who share it.

Being an innovative and delivery-led organization that prioritises solutions, quality and excellent in all that we do, AfriCoast is your perfect project partner.


Significant milestones

  • 2022    AfriCoast Asset Management (Pty) Ltd established
  • 2021    BS EN ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System recertification
  • 2021    Africoast celebrates 25 years of engineering excellence
  • 2018    BS EN ISO 9001: 2015 certified Quality Management System
  • 2016    SARF – Category 2 : Scenic View –Silver Award
  • 2014    Restructuring of Africoast Engineers SA resulted in the establishment
    of new entities namely Africoast Consulting Engineers (Pty) Ltd and
    Africoast Energy (Pty) Ltd.
  • 2014    Development of first renewable wind farm to be connected to the
    national grid
  • 2013    BS EN ISO 9001: 2008 certified Quality Management System
  • 2012    International Society for Trenchless Technology (ISTT) Annual Project
    Award for trenchless rehabilitation of Govan Mbeki Avenue sewers
  • 2001    Name change and restructuring to Afri-Coast Engineers SA (Pty) Ltd
  • 1996    Company established as Silva McGillivray Inc

AfriCoast offers professional consulting services in the following disciplines:

Civil Engineering

The Civil Engineering market sector provides engineering services and solutions for:

  • Municipal services (roads, water & sewer reticulation, stormwater systems)
  • Pipelines for water and sanitation
  • Water Conservation and Demand Management
  • Master Planning for water and sanitation
  • Township Development
  • Roads (new roads, road rehabilitation, routine road maintenance)
  • Road Safety Management
  • Traffic studies
  • Geometric designs
  • Full contract procurement, administration and management services

Structural Engineering

Our Structural Engineering team is experienced in the design and rehabilitation of a wide variety of buildings and infrastructure. Combining scientific and technical knowledge with operational experience and an artistic flair, we provide a complete solution to your asset development, management and maintenance requirements.

Our solution orientated team can:

  • Plan, design, procure and deliver projects of any type on any scale
  • Conduct structural investigations to inform maintenance and rehabilitation requirements, or for re-purposing existing structures for different uses
  • Assess buildings and infrastructure for continued safe occupation as required by the Occupational Health and Safety Act
  • Design sustainable, resilient structures that are resource and energy efficient and adaptable to the realities of climate change,

Our portfolio of experience includes:

  • Residential buildings, ranging from low-cost housing projects to luxury living, in single and multi-story form, for both new construction and additions/alterations, using various construction materials and alternative building methods
  • Light Industrial buildings, both new construction and additions/extensions
  • Heavy Industrial buildings, including repurposing existing buildings for changes in use, as well as upgrading existing structures to accommodate heavier loading (such as overhead cranes)
  • Rehabilitation of Heritage Buildings
  • Commercial and educational buildings in single and multi-story form, both new construction and additions/alterations
  • Water retaining structures in concrete and steel
  • Roads and highway structures, including bridge and culvert inspections
  • Communication structures
  • Structural failure investigations
  • Assessment of existing buildings and infrastructure
  • Planning and implementation of maintenance and rehabilitation requirements

Water & Sanitation

Our Water & Sanitation market sector provides solutions for bulk water and wastewater conveyance and treatment. Services provided include:

  • Water treatment works
  • Wastewater treatment works
  • Large diameter bulk pipelines
  • Pipeline rehabilitation including use of trenchless methods
  • Pump stations for water and sewage
  • Reservoirs
  • Returned effluent schemes

Project Management

AfriCoast’s Project Management team can manage and coordinate your project from conceptualization through to final delivery. We can partner with you to deliver your project on time, within budget and with exceptional quality.

Services offered include: 

  • Technical and financial feasibility studies
  • Sourcing and procuring the services of other professionals and specialists, if required
  • Sourcing and procuring contractors and suppliers
  • Managing and coordinating the professional team, contractors and suppliers
  • Project planning and programming
  • Project financial control
  • Project quality control
  • Construction administration and management
  • Construction monitoring services
  • Project close-out

Asset Management

Proper care and maintenance is vital for the long-term durability and sustainability of assets. Failure to care for assets properly and to conduct routine maintenance can lead to asset failure, necessitating costly repairs or replacement. AfriCoast Asset Management are experts in the care and maintenance of assets.

Services include: 

  • Investigations and condition assessment of buildings and structures
  • Diagnostic testing using a range on in-house equipment to inform our rehabilitation and maintenance specifications
  • Design and specification of rehabilitation and maintenance solutions
  • Contract management
  • Preparation and management of maintenance plans
  • Conduct annual inspections in terms of the Occupational Health & Safety Act

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